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The Arab American Cultural and Community Center (the “ACC”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-religious, non-sectarian, and non-political organization serving Houston, Texas. Since its inception, the ACC has been committed to fulfilling its stated mission of serving the Arab American community regardless of religion, nationality, ethnicity, or gender. The ACC effectively executes its mission by engaging in cultural programs that cater to the community, facilitating outreach and delivering social services, cultivating camaraderie, and fostering a shared sense of purpose among individuals of Arab descent. Furthermore, it endeavors to advance profound comprehension and elevate awareness of Arab culture and heritage, assuming the pivotal roles of liaison and resource hub for the expansive Houston community. The overarching goal of the ACC is to facilitate the assimilation and visibility of Arabs within the American context, while concurrently establishing a platform for the facilitation of cultural, educational, and recreational exchange.

The Arab American Cultural and Community Center was developed to serve the needs of Arab-Americans and the general community of Houston.

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Preserving a Rich Heritage

Following over a century of immigration, assimilation, and expansion in Houston and across the United States of America, a collective effort among Arab Americans, their allies, and advocates has resulted in the establishment of a bastion where their cultural expressions, artistic achievements, and linguistic heritage are presently elevated and safeguarded for forthcoming lineages. The ACC establishment functions as a nucleus for congregating and commemorating festive holidays, orchestrating cultural galas and scholarly talks, and disseminating knowledge encompassing Arabic language, Arab cultural intricacies, history, and legacy. In a spirit of profound appreciation for the opportunities bestowed upon Arab Americans by this venerable nation, the ACC remains steadfast in its dedication to serving the Houston community.
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