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About A.C.C

The ACC project was carefully planned over several years.

The Arab American Cultural and Community Center is a vibrant hub for the Arab American community in the United States. It serves as a cultural bridge, showcasing the rich heritage, traditions, and contributions of Arab Americans to American society. The center provides a space for community members to come together, celebrate their heritage, and educate others about Arab culture.
Programming at the center includes a wide range of activities such as language classes, traditional music and dance performances, art exhibitions, lectures, film screenings, and cultural festivals. These events not only showcase the diversity of Arab culture but also provide a platform for dialogue and understanding between different communities.
One of the key missions of the Arab American Cultural and Community Center is to promote cross-cultural understanding and combat stereotypes and misconceptions about Arab Americans. Through education and outreach programs, the center works to create a more inclusive and interconnected society where people from all backgrounds can come together in mutual respect and appreciation.
The center also serves as a resource for Arab Americans, providing support services, networking opportunities, and a sense of community for those living away from their homeland. By offering a welcoming and inclusive space, the center helps individuals and families maintain their cultural identity while also integrating into American society.
Overall, the Arab American Cultural and Community Center plays a vital role in preserving and celebrating the heritage of Arab Americans, fostering community connections, and promoting diversity and inclusion in the United States.

The Arab American Cultural and Community Center was developed to serve the needs of Arab-Americans and the general community of Houston.

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